It all begins with an idea

We are creative thinkers, directors,  pre and post producers, sometimes producing our own projects, but sometimes adding value to brilliant ideas that our clients have created. Its the stage where an Idea can be twisted and turned to perfection. The brainstorming stage is where creative minds come together and make magic. Eyjafilm has been involved in creating documentaries, advertisements, short films, video interviews, commercials, campaigns, 360° branding and much more.

If you would like to make your vision visual, we have the team and the tools to bring it to life.



Where, when, what and how is the next step

The planning stage is where the final idea is mapped up, tested and estimated in regards to time, cost, and scope. Now its time to make sure all details in the process are organized and confirmed. Its the stage in the production journey where many ideas can change for diverse reasons like cost, time, permission, casting and more. Before entering the production stage we "customer journey test" the idea to make sure it is aimed towards the consumer's needs and interest. 



from a vision to visual 


Ready! Set! Action! The final plan is set to be recorded and produced. Every production is different demanding on the scale and type. It can span from gorilla production to a full crew production. 



Adding the magic dust

The final stage of designing an amazing visual content is where the magic happens.

Its where everything comes together, music, graphics, color correction and the vision becomes an

eye-catching tool for your brand. Our team at Eyjafilm agree that this journey is one of our favorite 

beside the launching moment.



Sharing, liking, posting, promoting

Now we aim the content to your target group and make sure they are left with a feeling that was planed in the blue beginning of the production journey. There are many ways to brand and promote visual material but today there is no arguing that influencers are the number one way to connect with the target audience. Eyjafilm has teamed up with pioneers in that field