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Bjarney Ludviksdottir is a freelance director and producer who has worked in the marketing and film industry for many years. She graduated from the Icelandic Film School in 1996 and later began studying international marketing at the University of Iceland. 

From teaching drama and staging numerous theatre plays at her local theatre in her hometown, she became a partner and casting director at Eskimo Casting from 1997 - 2004 but changed careers when she took on the role of production manager for "Söngvakeppi Sjónvarpsins" (Eurovision in Iceland) 2005. 

Bjarney is the creator and producer of Iceland's most popular charity TV show called "Guðveik Jól" (Crazy Christmas) a mental health campaign which she launched in 2011 and became a popular annual event on the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service "RÚV" until 2016. Many of Iceland´s leading companies welcomed her challenge to nurture the mental health of their employees and raise money for good causes.

Alongside her filmmaking, Bjarney has over the years working closely with women leaders, building their personal brand visually. She has done that through her Award-winning program called BRANDit and BRANDit TALK, which has been hosted worldwide.

In 2016, Bjarney starts working in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) for one of the country's leading production company, Alsayegh Media. There she built a talent database and took part in their diverse in-house productions and has since then established her basecamp half the year in Dubai and half in Iceland.

Bjarney founded EYJAFILM 2017 to highlight her personal production and has since then undertaken various projects as well as produced three full-length documentaries. In 2018 she premiered "Making a Mood" about an international scout mood held in Iceland in 2017. In 2019 she premiered the award-winning documentary "Seeing the Unseen" about women on the autism spectrum, the film received a record attendance at the local cinemas and the most views of all documentaries shown on RÚV in the year of 2019.


Bjarney´s third full feature documentary  "How the Titanic became my lifeboat"  is about a boy on the autism spectrum who built the largest LEGO Titanic model in the world and as a result, it changes his life, from being a child with special needs to an independent person. The film will be premiered on RUV in April 2021.  

Film Festivals

Breaking Barriers film festival 
official selection 2020 for "Seeing the Unseen"

ReliAbility Toronto Film Festival
Official selection 2020 for "Seeing the Unseen"

Compassion Film Festival
Official selection 2020 for "How the Titanic became my lifeboat"

Kids First Film Festival 2021
Official selection 2020 for "How the Titanic became my lifeboat"

Beirut International Children And Family Film Festival 
Official selection 2020 for "How the Titanic became my lifeboat"

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